Testimonial of Calli Jerry

Patti & Terry Cullen presented virtually to UW Oshkosh students for a project of mine. I wanted to do something to influence students and let them know that they are never alone. They accomplished just that, even through a computer screen.I liked that they were comfortable presenting many different topics. The students at UWO chose […]

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Testimonial of Jeff Campbell

Patti and Terry Cullen presented to our 8th and 9th grade students at Riverdale JH/HS. Their presentation was powerful, emotional and impactful for the students and staff. The message they present is real life and you can feel the emotion. They do a tremendous job, not just discussing suicide but also bullying and depression. We

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Testimonial of Tammie Fick

I cannot thank Patti & Terry Cullen enough for spending time with my health students in Shullsburg. Their impact was above and beyond my expectations. Every student in the classroom had something they needed to “let go”. Patti & Terry were real and genuine with how suicide affects those left behind. They are a wealth

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Testimonial of Lindsey Stratton

Cassville School highly recommends Patti and Terry Cullen’s dedicated work through “Ben’s Hope.” I had seen their presentation at CESA and it is extremely moving. We invited them speak to our 9th grade class and it was so effective that it brought even our most reserved kids out of their shells. Their suicide prevention teachings

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Testimonial of Vicki Feldman

Patti and Terry Cullen present to our 8th grade students at the Platteville Middle School annually. Both students and staff are amazed at their resilience, honesty, and selflessness in sharing their story. Their passion and caring for each student is evident in how they provide information about suicide prevention, and this true caring resonates with

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Testimonial of Nick Hicks

I would just like to thank you guys again for coming and talking to our students. On Thursday and Friday when I had those classes, I had planned to have about a 10 minute discussion on your presentation and get their thoughts and feedback about it. That conversation took the entire 45 minute class in

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Testimonial of Taylor Reynolds

Patti and Terence Cullen’s presentation was powerful, impactful, and eye opening for our students. The story they shared and the message they gave to our students was extremely important and meaningful. Our students learned a lot; They had the opportunity to share, grow, and become more aware of the importance of mental health including warning

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Testimonial of Ryan Finley

I want to thank Terry and Patti Cullen for coming to my High School Health classes in Mt. Horeb to speak to my students about bullying and suicide. Although bullying and suicide are not topics that are enjoyable to learn about, they are pertinent and necessary topics that need to be discussed in our schools.

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