Testimonial of Lindsey Stratton

Cassville School highly recommends Patti and Terry Cullen’s dedicated work through “Ben’s Hope.” I had seen their presentation at CESA and it is extremely moving. We invited them speak to our 9th grade class and it was so effective that it brought even our most reserved kids out of their shells. Their suicide prevention teachings are heartfelt and powerful. We intend on having them back each year.

Our school is also very grateful to rely on Patti and Terry for suicide post-vention. The Cullens have been extremely supportive of our school to share their resources, advice, and gentle check-ins with our school and community. They even donated an ample supply of suicide prevention supplies to our students.

–Ms. Lindsey Stratton
School Counselor
Cassville School District
715 East Amelia Street
Cassville, WI 53806

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