Testimonial of Vicki Feldman

Patti and Terry Cullen present to our 8th grade students at the Platteville Middle School annually. Both students and staff are amazed at their resilience, honesty, and selflessness in sharing their story. Their passion and caring for each student is evident in how they provide information about suicide prevention, and this true caring resonates with each student. The message for each new group of students changes as Patti and Terry have this awesome insight and ability to sense which story to share, what things to reinforce, what specific topic to highlight for each group–and this insight comes from their tremendous faith and calling to this intense and vital task. Thank you, Patti and Terry, for sharing so much of yourselves with our students in need. You make a difference and make an impact on so many.

Vicki Feldman
School Counselor
Platteville Middle School

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