Testimonial of Ryan Finley

I want to thank Terry and Patti Cullen for coming to my High School Health classes in Mt. Horeb to speak to my students about bullying and suicide. Although bullying and suicide are not topics that are enjoyable to learn about, they are pertinent and necessary topics that need to be discussed in our schools. Many Teenagers are struggling with all sorts of pressures and mental health issues and they don’t know how to cope with these struggles. Terry and Patti did an excellent job of bringing these topics to light, encouraging students to seek help when they need it and gave my students important tools to use if and when they are struggling with depression and/or thoughts of suicide. Students of my afternoon classes told me they were waiting all day to get to health class and hear the presentation from Terry and Patti. Although I cover these topics in health class, Terry and Patti are able to connect with my students on a personal level because of their personal family tragedy with their son Ben. The creation of Ben’s Hope from their personal tragedy is doing so much good in the Southwest Wisconsin Area and is an important message that our teenagers need to hear. I can’t thank them enough and admire them deeply for their courage and what they are doing to help our teenagers and spare other families from suffering through the pain that they have endured themselves.

Thanks again!!

Ryan Finley
Mt. Horeb School District
Physical Education and Health Teacher
Head Baseball Coach

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